Worldwide, there are nearly 340 million people each year suffer injuries of different nature, including accident casualties per year up to more than 3.5 million casualties occupational accidents each year up to more than 1.1 million; number of injury accidents per year up to more than 1.2 million; Ours is the most populous country on Earth, is one of the natural disasters and accidents are more serious country, not only the type of disaster occur more frequently, and the social, economic losses are particularly severe compared with other countries: If 98 years the floods, the spread of SARS in 2003, 2008 blizzards and 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake! According to statistics, in 2006 there were all kinds of national production safety accidents 627,158, the death of 112,822 people; 2007 national total of 327,209 road accidents occurred, killing 81,649 people were killed, others injured 3804.42, on average about every minute together the accident, every seven minutes there is one person who died in a car accident! In 2008 a total of 133,000 fires, the death of 1385 people, injured 684 people ...... national health department statistics, China has around seventy percent more people lack the necessary disaster preparedness awareness and escape self knowledge and skills in the face of unexpected doctors and other rescue personnel wait for the arrival of the event, when the accidental injury, most people usually call 120 and other relief in the phone, but because of the rescue center arrived at the scene from alarm to require a de facto reaction time and process, so difficult to do after the accident in the "golden 30" rushed to the scene to rescue, especially those isolated areas away from the city emergency center! Precisely because do not know how to help themselves in the first time, or mutual aid, so that leads to a lot of people adversely affected by the timing of the emergency aggravated the injury, disability and even loss of life left. Experts pointed out that people in the event of accidental injury, if you know some first aid and survival of conventional methods, and preventative equipment set some general ambulance equipment, whether it is to help other people or self-care, the hospital is able to successfully rescue the injured to win more more opportunities!

  Zhejiang KANDLIDI Medical Supplies Co., Ltd., is a first-aid kit (box), medical dressings, sanitation and disinfection supplies, safety supplies production and sales as well as to provide pre-hospital emergency care package of solutions for modern integrated professional enterprise. "Kang Li Di" high and new technology-based, information network as a platform to "emergency care" as the first prerequisite in order to "spread knowledge of first aid, universal health care," their duty to promote healthy living and safety pleasant "golden time" ambulance philosophy, for the pre-hospital emergency first aid disasters, disease and trauma, such as providing high-quality first-aid kit products, is committed to the promotion and development of promotional aid kit first aid knowledge popularization work. In China, "Kang Li Di" is the first in the first-aid kit (box) specialized research and development, production, sales and a very small number of production licenses by the State Food and Drug Administration and II medical device product registration and allowed domestic production and sales of professional first-aid kit (box) manufacturers one, the company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, the German TUV certification body tissue ISO13485 quality certification and CE certification and U.S. FDA certification, and has import and export right, has for the United Nations emergency supplies procurement centers, the Chinese Red Cross, disease control center, emergency center, Health Bureau, China petroleum, FAW Group, Yunnan Power Grid, Shanxi coal mine and other units to provide professional aid kit (box) products, and establish long-term cooperative relationship; CCTV-1, Zhejiang TV, Sichuan TV, Guangzhou TV, bright Daily, Zhejiang Daily, Guangming Wang, Sina, Phoenix and other media have to be reported, the product after the State Department Office of emergency and emergency Management Office, Zhejiang Province, using unanimous praise, concern at the national emergency management departments at all levels of leadership and local government and encouragement, "Kang Li Di" series of first-aid kit (box) products to market rapidly and industrialization.

  "KANDLIDI" series of first-aid kit (box), all made of high-quality primary and secondary materials, professional design with advanced equipment for production and layers of rigorous testing, its quality has been international, the rigors of the domestic market, has become the leading wind industry standard! We deeply understanding the essence of emergency in time is the principle of life, simple, easy to use, limited basic criteria we developed each product. Now, we are faced with is not only those professional health care workers, more or hundreds of millions of ordinary people! After the development, integration, to create a piece of ordinary people will use the product, which can save lives in times of crisis themselves and others is our ultimate goal! Through continuous improvement and continuous improvement, so that it can meet the different industries, different people, different accident and emergency needs; provide strong support to continue to promote and improve the current state and the establishment of a modern city emergency rescue system! To protect the lives and safety of the public, a solid mass harmonious homes, build with knowledge services, goods and services, social services and rescue system behavior and make unremitting efforts.

  We offer not only a first-aid kit, emergency tools, also pass the knowledge and skills of how to save lives; we spread the treasure of life, love yourself and the person's social values​​, promote a mutual help, people-oriented, life-oriented humanitarian spirit!